Hornby Dublo 2 Rail

Unless otherwise stated all Dublo locomotives offered for sale are good runners. Boxes if included are referred to in the description and shown in the image slide show.

Hornby Dublo locos are heavy and overseas shipping surcharges may apply. They will apply to train sets (when available) so if outside the UK it would be advisable to request a shipping quote before purchasing.

Hornby Dublo

Hornby Dublo 2232 BR Deltic Type Diesel Loco plain green

Having the original metal bogie sideframes this example has isolated grey paint loss over the cab windows and very minor green paint loss between  buffers at one end and with traction tyres having age related issues and requiring replacement otherwise loco in very good complete condition in all other respects and a good runner in an original Dublo train set packing box. A clean tidy example.

Hornby Dublo

Hornby Dublo BR Met-Vic Co-Bo Diesel Loco D5702

In mint A condition appears unused with every metal component bright without tarnish or marks including wheels unboxed probably from a train set or released from the factory when Triang Hornby were destocking former Dublo inventory. Tested and a good runner. All original traction tyres are present however they do have age related issues and loco would benefit from these being replaced. Has to be impossible to find better unboxed example.
Hornby Dublo

Hornby Dublo 2231 BR Class 08 Diesel Shunter Loco D3302

With the later 2 piece coupling rod fitted this example has a broken coupler hook hanger at one end although couplers are screw fixed so this easily replaced and has had a minor repaint at the cab end otherwise loco has an excellent B+ appearance without any damage or splits to bodywork and with sharp printwork in a plain brown Dublo factory repair box with 10629 at the end. Loco tested and a good runner.
Hornby Dublo

Wills Finecast LMS Stanier Class 4P 2-6-4 Tank Loco 2504 body on Hornby Dublo chassis

A well made white metal kit built loco using the later Dublo 2-6-4 chassis with the nickel silver wheels with the body having one missing overflow vent and handrail missing on one side otherwise complete in all other respects with an airbrushed paint finish and well applied livery having a Hornby style tension coupler bolted to the rear bogie so an easy replacement for a Dublo coupler as required. An interesting alternative subject.

Hornby Dublo

Hornby Dublo LMS Fairburn 2-6-4 Tank Loco 2268 out of Dublo 4MT loco

A well done conversion, repaint and relivery of a former 3 rail Dublo 4MT loco that has had a 2 rail conversion with the original bogie wheels being replaced with finescale examples and retaining the original metal couplings overall having a near mint A- appearance as a conversion and a good runner unboxed. An interesting alternative subject.